Shigang Zhang

Advisory Board

Shigang Zhang

South-South Cooperation Principal Officer, United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) – Nairobi, Kenya

Shigang leads the coordination and implementation of South-South cooperation activities and UN Environment Programme’s (UNEP) engagement on greening the Belt and Road initiative. Prior to his appointment, Shigang headed UNEP’s Country Office in Beijing where he led the high-level dialogue with the Chinese Government for mobilising support to UNEP’s portfolio, including the China Trust Fund.

Shigang was also in charge of developing the first Country Strategy on China and was instrumental in the creation of the first UNEP South-South and Triangular Cooperation Strategy. When Chair of the UN China Thematic Group on Climate Change and Environment, Shigang also led the UN Country Team’s joint efforts on climate resilience, environmental sustainability and the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals in China.

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