Lawrence Mbwambo

Forest Program Coordinator cum Policy Advisor

Lawrence Mbwambo

Dr Lawrence has over 20 years’ experience as forest research scientist in Tanzania Forestry Research Institute. He has a Diploma in Leadership Essentials IMD Online Programs. Hold a PhD in Forestry from Sokoine University of Agriculture with focus on impact of decentralised forest management on forest resources and livelihoods in North Eastern and Central Tanzania. Lawrence has a Master’s of Science and BSc Honours degree in Nature Conservation from Stellenbosch University, South Africa and BSc Forestry from Sokoine University of Agriculture.

Currently Lawrence is working with WWF Tanzania office as Forest Program Coordinator cum Policy Advisor.  He is a member of WWF International Forest Practice Leadership Team. Professional focus and expertise is on community based forest management,  policy advocacy, landscapes ecology, forest landscape restoration, people-forest interactions, forest utilisation and product development, forestland tenure, policy research and legal frameworks review, agro-forestry systems and technologies, forest livelihoods and social impact assessment.

Lawrence’s roles in the project include coordination of work package 5 on capacity building and impact activities including liaison with stakeholders with the ultimate goals of enhancing the impact of project in Tanzania. He liaises with Sokoine University Post-Doctoral Research Assistants to collate, synthesise research results and develop policy briefs for sharing with stakeholders. Facilitate and supports organisation of learning platforms in Tanzania in collaboration with other work packages. Supervise the WWF DCP Project Officer to ensure effective implementation of the work plans and budgets to meet desired project goals.

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