Gareth O’Hagan

Advisory Board

Gareth O’Hagan

Regional Director, Adam Smith International, Nairobi, Kenya.


Gareth is the former Head of Extractive Industries Governance and current Africa Regional Director at Adam Smith International, where he has worked for the past 9 years working across Africa and Asia. Adam Smith International (ASI) is a leading independent economic and government reform consultancy based in London with registered offices in Nairobi and New Delhi, and with major project offices located in many developing and transitional countries worldwide. ASI work on natural resources and extractive industries spans a number of countries, including Sierra Leone, Southern Sudan, Sudan, South Africa, Botswana, Mongolia, Macedonia, Nepal, India, Guyana, Ecuador, Romania and Afghanistan. A key focus has been on building the capacity of government institutions to formulate policies and enforce legislation and regulations that enable effective and transparent management of natural resource.

Previously, Gareth  has had a 10-year career in business and strategy consulting in Ireland, the UK and the USA and  20+ years experience in the development/strategy/governance/technology consulting & management fields.

He led the 2015-16 integrated resource corridors scoping study that formed the foundation for establishment of the Development Corridors Partnership.

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