Asha Rajvanshi

Advisory Board

Asha Rajvanshi

Senior Professional Fellow, Wildlife Institute of India, Dehradun – Uttarakhand, India

Asha is a Senior Professional Fellow at the Wildlife Institute of India. She has over three decades of experience as a teacher, trainer, researcher, and impact assessment practitioner, supporting global environmental impact assessment initiatives led by such institutions as the European Union, the World Bank, GIZ, ADB, IUCN, IAIA, and the Convention on Biological Diversity. She has been actively engaged in mainstreaming biodiversity in impact assessment and in building capacity in the areas of Biodiversity-inclusive Impact Assessment (EIA) and Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA). Asha has also been at the forefront of research in the field of road ecology in India. She is actively growing the discipline of transportation ecology through her strong interest in promoting eco-friendly design of linear infrastructure for mitigating the impacts of development in road and rail sectors.

She is a recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award of the International Association for Impact Assessment for the year 2019.

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